Month: September 2012


Yesterday, September 21, 2012, the last standing synagogue was closed in Egypt. The U.S. President (Sigh) Consider this; Obama has just spent more American tax payer dollars for aImage television ad in Pakistan apologizing for their hurt feelings! Can you believe it!!! Radical Muslim mobs are protesting against the United States in over 27 countries; burning & looting our Embassies, burning our flag, killing Americans including Christopher Stevens, the United States Ambassador to Libya on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 no less. That particular & disgusting atrocity (torture, sodomy & murder) was committed on our sovereign soil; in other words “on American Soil”, and all THE Obama and his lap-dog underlings can do is lie to the American people and apologize to the rabble of the so-called poor & helpless terrorists? Hello stupid, hello! They attacked us, remember? How’s that “Arab Spring” thing working out for you, B.O.?

How exactly long, Mr. President; do you think the Muslim brotherhood will honor the Camp David Accords signed by Egyptian President Sadat & Israeli Prime Minister Begin in September 1978  at the White House with President Jimmy Carter which led to the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty in 1979. In case you haven’t noticed, B.O. someone laid a big egg when they awarded you that, ahem, Nobel Peace Prize a few short months after your election ~ but it was’nt George W. Bush!!!! This abomination is all YOURS! These murders of AMERICANS are ALL YOURS, Mr. Obama!!!

When, Mr. President; will you and your irresponsible, “Keystone Cop-like”   administration get your story straight? And just exactly when will YOU, Barrack Hussein Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, (Gag!) admit that YOUR naïve Middle East policy and your illusions of a Utopia for Muslims is a failure which is YOUR fault and quit trying to shift the blame to former President George W. Bush, the Republicans or an obscure & insensitive individual who made short YouTube video? Hey, in case you forgot, Mr. Obama; this IS the United States of America & that stupid man had every right to his opinion and free speech, under the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution (as offensive as the video in question may have been to non or intolerant Americans). Personally, I’d have ignored it and had never even heard of it until YOUR administration brought it up. Hey, stupid… have you ever heard the term “add fuel to the fire”? YOU, B.O. caused the escalation; YOU and YOUR administration minions & buddies in the Lame Stream Media, ie: NBC, MSNBC, CBS & ABC News! How many kick-backs & tax breaks are they all getting, huh?

I can tell you with ALL honesty; that I am a native-born American, a woman & a Navy Veteran. I was born during the armistice of the Korean War and grew up during the cold war, survived “duck & cover” and the Kennedy Assignation in the early 1960’s while still in grammar school. I watched my neighbors mourn their older sons whom had died in Vietnam, prayed for my brother each time the new numbers were chosen for the draft, and watched in disgust as dirty, long-haired & strung-out hippies spit on the brave soldiers that came home.

I enlisted in the U. S. Navy in the late 1970’s, before the U.S. Embassy in Iran was attacked and 44 American hostages were taken, (President Carter told us that they were “victims of terrorism & anarchy” then he added “the United States will not yield to blackmail”).  Regardless, my service continued throughout the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s. During the 1980’s, President Reagan restored, what I had felt at the time; a renewed moral to all of the armed forces. WE felt it! WE respected it! And, when OUR Commander-in-Chief decided not to take any crap from Libya… he gave them the bitch-slapping of their life!

I was stationed at a U. S. Naval Air Station overseas during that time and when word came that two American F-10 Tomcats from the U.S.S. Nimitz had fired back against Gadhafi’s soviet-built MiGs, the entire base celebrated. The bravery, unfettered resolve to duty and resulting success of our Navy Pilots had been the direct result of President Reagan’s doctrine “Peace through Strength”. President Reagan’s guiding principle of a 600 fleet Navy & the subsequent recall to active duty of Fleet Reserve personnel who were familiar with the Iowa-Class battleships;  USS Iowa (BB 61), USS New Jersey (BB 62), USS Missouri (BB 63) & USS Wisconsin (BB 64) had me processing those brave men back to active duty to teach their skills to that current generation of sailors.

During the 1980’s I worked with military personnel being deployed to the Sinai region of Egypt & Beirut, Lebanon; the Caribbean island of Grenada; the southern Mediterranean Gulf of Sidra and other frequent conflicts with Iran & Libya throughout the decade. Later under President George H. W. Bush (41) I assisted with personnel deployments to Panama & the Philippines (to protect the Aquino government).

If I were President, I would take several pages out of Ronald Reagan’s Middle East strategies with a few added caveats: (1) Warn all Americans throughout the world to come home. (2) Recall ALL embassy personnel in the Middle East (military & civilian). (3) Recall all American troops from Afghanistan & Pakistan. (We currently have American troops stationed in over 150 countries.)  (4) Send troops to help protect Israel & the rest to protect and defend our borders and the American people. (5) Deploy drones to destroy any U. S. Embassy which now flies the abominable black flag of radical Islam. (6) Booby trap all abandoned U. S. Embassies and give all those who dare to enter, a written warning, IN ENGLISH. Oops!!! (7) Embrace American Energy Independence, by ALL means necessary! We have, we own it, let’s do it!