Month: February 2013


130220obamasequesRGB20130221122650What a disgrace! The Sequester of our military is the liberal’s idea of how they WANT you to think it was all the Republicans idea & their entire fault, however; Obama demanded it, he got it, now he’s against it. The sequester would spread out about $109 billion in cuts per year, every year, for 10 years.

Let me try to explain. Our government (elected officials) have already paid for $24 billion this year, the overall level for 2013 now stands at $85 billion. But there’s another twist: The $85 billion is really more like only $44 billion in actual cuts over the next six months of the fiscal year – because some of the cuts would apply to spending obligations that stretch out over multiple years.  A standard year of sequestration, with $109 billion in cuts, would see about half that total, some $55 billion, come from the Pentagon; in other words; our U.S. Military!  This – is the side of the equation meant to bring Republicans to the negotiating table.  The Democratic priorities under fire are $43 billion in cuts to all other aspects of government – from Education to Social Services & Border Agents, U.S. Port Cargo Inspectors, National Park Rangers, NASA and the National Institutes of Health. The final bit ($11 billion) is made up of something that’s annoying to both parties: a 2 percent reduction in payments to Medicare providers. Indeed, the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will cost 750,000 jobs and lower economic growth by 0.6 percent. That’s because the cuts drain demand from the economy and affect companies that do business with the government.

So ~~ Who is to blame for the sequester?  Short answer: almost everybody. However; the actual mechanics of the sequester – dangling a deficit-reduction goal in front of a team of lawmakers with a harsh consequence for failure – was dreamed up by the White House and most notably by Treasury Secretary nominee Jacob Lew!

(Sigh) But as usual, Obama’s ideas stink~ so his solution is to always blame the “other guy”, ie; blame Bush or blame Republicans. Geez! When will the left-wing media and all their blind followers quit drinking the Kool-Aid & WAKE UP? If you repeat something enough, people start to believe it, especially; bleeding heart, socially progressive liberals who believe in the “Robin Hood” style of government (take from the rich to give to the poor), in other words; I work until I’m 70 & my tax dollars go to support some able-bodied 25 year old who may or may not have ever worked a day in their life but happens to have a “good reason (excuse) ” as to why they can’t earn money themselves! I have no problem helping the indigent poor, disabled, veterans & elderly who legitimately need help but in my opinion, many of the free-loaders & others in our society with lower level intelligence & values, make up a large number of Obama voters! ~ dfh


MY JG Opinion on Obama’s 2013 SOTU Address

560028_4340592562170_18860900_nAt least Obama is consistent in sticking to failed policies in advocating that the Government is the answer to all the problems it created.
The failed Public School system will have more money thrown at it. The Minimum Wage, which never got anybody out of poverty and has a track record of being a disincentive to hiring & is the Dems only answer to Unemployment. We now know that Obama has no intention of seriously addressing Unsustainable Entitlement Programs and that his “Investments” are code for more government spending to further destroy the United States’ financial future for individuals and corporations. The 2014 elections are Obama’s only hope for this continuation of failures. I’m beginning to think we need an “Exorcist” to get rid of this anti-religious & anti-American administration who currently “occupies” the White House! (BTW ~ B.O. makes me sick!)