MY JG Opinion on Obama’s 2013 SOTU Address

560028_4340592562170_18860900_nAt least Obama is consistent in sticking to failed policies in advocating that the Government is the answer to all the problems it created.
The failed Public School system will have more money thrown at it. The Minimum Wage, which never got anybody out of poverty and has a track record of being a disincentive to hiring & is the Dems only answer to Unemployment. We now know that Obama has no intention of seriously addressing Unsustainable Entitlement Programs and that his “Investments” are code for more government spending to further destroy the United States’ financial future for individuals and corporations. The 2014 elections are Obama’s only hope for this continuation of failures. I’m beginning to think we need an “Exorcist” to get rid of this anti-religious & anti-American administration who currently “occupies” the White House! (BTW ~ B.O. makes me sick!)


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