This Jersey Girl and Veteran is Sick of Obama!

kn060913dAPR20130607044512Obama knows everything (private) and Obama knows nothing (public). In my opinion, President Obama delegates everything because he’s too lazy to get up early enough to attend his presidential job-related meetings ALL because his only training has been in “organizing stuff”!!! 

I am so tired of this Socialist Asshole and his liberal minions and I hope the American people will smarten up and sift through all the lies & bull shit that the Obama regime has been reigning down upon the American People for the past 5 years! I am an American, I am a Veteran, I am a Woman AND I am Disgusted!!!  You want to spy on me? An American? Bring it on!!! I AM A GOD-FEARING, FLAG-WAVING AMERICAN & I AM WILLING TO SPILL MY BLOOD TO BRIGHTEN THE TAINT ON OUR FLAG that Mr. Obama & his Communist-filled Administration have stained it with during his years in office!!! ~dfh~553574_2880383658454_1525933473_36716978_1366279504_n


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