*Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was apparently uninformed by her untitledsubordinates and “knew nothing” about anything going on in Benghazi  before, during & for at least a week after the horrific murders of Americans.

 *FBI Director Robert Mueller says he doesn’t know anything about anything with regard to the FBI’s investigation of the IRS nor does he know anything about why his agents would have showed up at homes & businesses of conservative & religious groups on behalf of the IRS to intimidate them because they had filed for 501C (tax-exempt status).

 *Attorney General Eric Holder has amnesia and lies to Congress as to what he can recall regarding “Fast & Furious”, “Too Big to Prosecute” (HSBC money-laundering for drug cartels & terrorist organizations) and the AP (spying on reporters) scandal. *The AG has also declined to prosecute the Black Panthers for interfering with the 2008 voter intimidation and would like nothing better than to hold civilian trials for the  9/11 terrorists in federal court.

*Former IRS Commissioner Doug Schulmann visited the White House 157 times in a three (3) year period but can only remember the Easter Egg Roll, (which was a total of 3 maybe 4 times). This is a guy that doesn’t even prepare his own taxes because he says the current tax code is too complex!!!  

 *NSA Director, Keith Alexander admits to tracking Americans and says “Trust me”. (I don’t think so, Keith!)

*The president’s Press Secretary, (mouthpiece) Jay Carney lies to everyone and Obama, like TV’s Hogan’s Hero’s Sgt. Schultz; “Knows Nothing”.

 So, I ask my fellow Americans ~ do you think our Constitution is being followed by those empowered by the American voters to protect it; or do you think it is being disregarded? Do you trust the IRS? Do you trust the NSA? Do you trust the Attorney General? Do you trust the President? Do you trust our current elected officials in Washington to actually follow the law AND the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights? Sadly; I do not!

As for our Organizer and Campaigner in Chief ~  If he’s in the know, he’s dishonest. If he’s not in the know, he’s incompetent.  Either way, he’s fucked himself along with the American People!!! 



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