king obama 1American Taxpayers could save $60 to $100 MILLION dollars this month if the president could use his big-ass ears & fly like Disney’s Dumbo on his upcoming African trip ~ and he could carry his entire political entourage aboard his very long lying nose while doing so!!!  I, like many Americans are budgeting, counting coupons, cruising for the lowest gasoline prices and trying to save a few bucks anywhere we can while this asshole and his entire lying, thieving administration are running amok! THIS is MY opinion and I KNOW I am not alone in that. BTW… I’m sure we’re being monitored by the IRS, NSA, FBI and whoever the f%@k else ~ so if you don’t LIKE or Reply to this posting, I’ll understand. LOL ~ I’m a  Veteran once proud but now so disgusted with the direction our country is heading toward. I believe that GOD did bless America for a time but now, I think even the Almighty may be ashamed of the path this once GREAT nation is headed toward. I know I am and I’m glad that I am at an age now that I hope I won’t be around to see it’s final downfall. I pray for all my younger family members.


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