I used to enjoy the news but not so much anymore. After ignoring the story for months, if 20gce3onot years, the mainstream media is finally focused on the diabolic law that is Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. However; now because of the multitude failures with the website and implementation problems with  Obamacare in general, the fallout from millions of policy cancellations, doubled and tripled costs of new insurance plans, rising co-pays and deductibles; some liberal pundits are calling anyone uses the name “Obamacare”, racists! Are they kidding? This seems to be the way of the liberal Democrats. When they don’t have a good answer for problems that they caused, they immediately use the race card. And why not? It’s worked before in their favor. That’s how Obama got elected… and reelected!

However; enough about Obamacare. I’m getting sick to death of it and it’s too bad because at the rate the insurance industry in this country is going, most of us might actually die from the lack of care from the Unaffordable Care Act! Regardless, I’m getting a little sick and tired of the media in general! Our U.S. Congress people, the drunken mayor in Canada, knocking the Tea Party, the media all but ignored honoring December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day while lauding the death of Nelson Mandela, the ex-communist who once happened to have done away with apartheid in South Africa. Who cares? The guy began as a communist with communist support & brought together a country worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. It occurs to me that they don’t know squat about history and are too cowardly to tackle the real issues like the growing Muslim victories of indoctrination in our public schools, Common Core including fuzzy math without explanation, graphic sex education and Kindergarten children getting punished for pointing a finger at another kid. Watch out that finger might be loaded!

The media has also ignored, Obama’s firing of hundreds of military generals because they make sound suggestions or dare to question his exalted position as president! And what about the persecution of Christians in the military while the Muslims and Gays get their way on everything! Our military is currently being weakened and demoralized by this president and so-called commander-in-chief whose weakness and failure to lead properly has increased the chaos in the Middle East and allowed thousands of Christians to be tortured and murdered there.

His failure to uphold our own laws regarding our borders has led to even more murders from the illegals crossing our borders and Mexico into Texas New Mexico Arizona leading to the murders of farmers Americans and border agents. This president is a disgrace! And all the while he’s doing this they are systematically confiscating our guns and trampling on our Second Amendment rights!

When was the last time you heard a report on ABC CBS or NBC news regarding anything having to do with Benghazi and the four brave Americans (including our US Ambassador) that were murdered there while the Obama and Hillary Clinton pretended nothing was wrong (it was only a video) and did nothing for seven hours!  All the while our people were crying and begging for help that never came! Shameful!!! What about the other scandals that are NOT being reported? The IRS, NSA, and Fast and Furious scandals… what about that? Are we supposed to forget all the scandals; all these Obama scandals? Or is the media just hoping these things will go away on their own? Let me clue you in. Americans are not stupid! We will remember come Election Day!

Why it is now after 3 years, the media is so refocused on the failing Obamacare? Is it because they don’t want report on the real news happening here and abroad? Or is it because Obamacare is a good distraction from so many of the other important issues that are plaguing this nation presently? I don’t know what’s going on with the media but I do know that there ARE patriotic Americans in this country and they like me would fight to our last breath to protect & defend our God, Our Family, our US Constitution & our Republic.



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