374395_512170602179929_896698128_nWouldn’t you like to make it all go away? I’m not talking about family, friends or your pets; I’m talking about things like the bills, mortgage payments, economic worries, political-correctness, lying politicians and all the insane Islamic, Muslim terrorists! I am so tired of all the elitists and progressives that are ruining our country! There are times that I’d just like to dig a big hole and bury them all in it! For the record, I would never actually do anything so dastardly to these people or anything harsher than perhaps yell at them or call them a few ‘choice’ names. Although… I do have zero tolerance for the radical Islamists, therefore; I really would like to see them all buried six feet under! As for the rest of the people who I don’t know; maybe we can put them all on a bus to let’s say… Camden New Jersey. Camden New Jersey is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States as far as crime goes but because I’m a Jersey girl, I really don’t think I’d want any of those extremists here either so… let’s say we just change the location of that imaginary bus and send them to Detroit instead. 

It’s very sad that Detroit has been ruined by liberal politicians, poor management, corrupt unions, high unemployment, drugs & gang violence. They’re a pretty tough lot up there and I doubt the locals would put up with any shenanigans from the non-desirables we’ll send up there! (Indeed, many may feel right at home.) And while we’re at it, let’s make sure that this imaginary bus only has one bathroom… and it’s unisex! Politicians seem to have a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to the American people… so let them all share a bathroom on that bus! 

Come on folks, let’s have some fun here. This is a make-believe scenario to get rid of all the dead weight in this country and those causing a huge financial burden starting with the politicians! I mean after all, doesn’t all the monkey business in Washington cost you and your family time and money every single day? And because of all the political spending sprees, fraud, waste and pork barrel disbursements, you take home less money in your paycheck! That means that you have less money to spend on gas, groceries & bills… and your employer can’t pay what you’re actually worth, because he or she is in the same money crunch as you are… paying extremely high taxes and energy bills all the while allowing the DC elitist politicians to continue leading their cushy life-styles! Without consequence!

Okay, so let’s start with getting rid of most politicians in Washington and let’s put them on that make-believe bus to Detroit. And that consists of any politician including our narcissistic president who stands on his podium and says with a straight face to you & I, the taxpayers, that there’s no way to cut our country’s budget or deficit, all the while he’s raising taxes and spending money on lavish vacations, campaigning for his liberal followers & pissing our tax dollars away on advertisements for failed programs that he’s passed & foisted on hard-working Americans when he should be looking after the bottom line… the American People! Indeed, let’s load him up along with all those Democrats that voted for the Obamacare bill without even reading it and thus – causing all the current insurance turmoil in our country. Let’s get them on that bus too!!!

What about the entitlement freeloaders? Don’t you really wish you could make all those bottom feeders go away? I am not talking about hard-working folks who are just getting some temporary help from the government just to survive, or disabled veterans, fireman & policeman or the truly disabled in our country. I’m talking about the parasites in our society, the deadbeats, the ones that won’t work & think they are ‘entitled’ to live off the taxpayer’s dime.   If we shipped out the people causing this country to be in a downward tailspin… its declining instead of growing, you’d be making a better living, you would be prospering and wouldn’t need any government handouts. So let’s aggressively weed out those deadbeats & freeloaders who do nothing but work the system. I’m talking about the slackers in this country. They don’t work at anything except hustling the system all the while pretending to have an illness or injury so they can’t work or the pretend that they can’t find a job just they can go through life doing nothing but live on the backs of Americans who bust their butts every day working hard. And then on top of all that, they somehow believe they are entitled this free ride.  

But it’s not a free ride because we are all paying for it with taxes! Do you think the government is paying for it? This is all us! ALL us!!! And every one of us knows someone who is getting a free ride. These are the people who, when you’re checking out at the grocery store, are using food stamp credit cards to buy food that you cannot afford. And you know they could work or get a job, but what we hear from them is, “Oh, my back hurts”; “I feel depressed”; “I have six kids, each one from a different father”; and “I have no husband”.  

What we should say to these people is,  “Well maybe if you get off your lazy ass…  you lost a little weight… (who am I  my kidding)… you lose a lot of weight… you quit smoking cigarettes and you keep your damn legs crossed, maybe you could be a productive member of society instead of a friggin leech! The hard-working people of this country owe you squat! ”  No, I’m not sorry; let’s put them on that bus too and send them up to Detroit! 

And, while we’re on the subject, think about it. Honestly, do you know how much better our lives would be and our country would be; if we didn’t have people out there having more children just so they could get more money from the state and the federal government? Which means that you wouldn’t have to pay as much in taxes. This is one of the reasons our taxes are a size they are. I am 100% for giving a helping hand for a short minimal period of time to those in need, but none of us, except for those who are receiving our tax dollars, are in favor of creating baby factory mommies. And believe me that includes all races, all colors, all nationalities… legal ones and illegal ones. 

Heaven forbid you say anything against all the societal parasites and progressive liberals because you’ll be labeled a “racist”. Labeled by media pundits and liberal politicians as inciting hate speech! So let’s put all those politicians & pundits on the bus as well.  You know if we keep going like this, there’ll be no politicians left in this country. Wait for it… Do you feel like things are getting better already? There is, however; one particular a group of people who are so vile, so evil… that I could never send them on that bus.  We should put these sickening people on a boat with a hole in it with no water and no food and set it adrift at sea These are those perverted corporate leaders, those people who profit, lowlifes, child predators, perverted sex slave traffickers… and anyone else who makes a buck on the sexual corruption and molestation of our children. Round them up and put them on a boat with a hole in the bottom and send it out to sea! Let’s take a second and be honest. Can you feel America becoming a better place, now? 

Now, let’s deal with  all the guys who go around creating multiple fatherless children? I wouldn’t send them to Detroit, (many of them are there already) but there has to be some balance to make them take care of the children they created. Again, we are not talking about the “whoops” children, and the responsible couple that works together to make a great living life for a child or children together. Look, we all know that accidents happen. But the tragedy is when there’s no… NO responsibility taken for the creation of life by the man and the now pregnant woman accepts no responsibility for her actions either and so, guess what… they turn to you, the taxpayer, and say, “Pay for our bad choices.”

I don’t know what we should do with them, but I don’t think it should be the responsibility of the government to take money from us, the hard-working taxpayers, to pay for them. I think that should be done by the areas and towns in which they live because then it would be more motivational prodding from their own community and maybe those people would get a job and  actually work for a living  out of embarrassment and maybe behave more responsibly because of it… rather than the people in their community flipping the bill. We know in our hearts, that all these fatherless children and single parent households are only hurting us as a nation and it’s hurting our children and yet people condone this method of creating baby factory mommies. The parents of those taxpayer raised children are no better than those who exploit the innocence of our children because in both cases, you end up hurting and stealing from the children… the innocence of their childhood. 

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, loading that bus to Detroit. So we pretty much agree that any government employee who believes that they have the right to dictate to us how we should be raising and teaching our children and at what age they must be exposed to different parts of life even if it’s against your strongly held religious beliefs and convictions, should also be placed on that bus. How about pompous extremist college professors? I like that one. You know, those college professors who are so overpaid that people have to mortgage their homes & retirement accounts and their child’s future just the send your child to the same college where they’re taught by these pompous overpaid extremist college professors, that conservatism and patriotism and love of country is foolishness and the people who have worked hard all their lives to make some extra money have somehow stolen from the poor. Yeah, they should be on that bus to Detroit as well! And their children too. You know… Not their actual children… just the 99% or so that they created in their classrooms & study halls. Yeah, that’s where they came from… our colleges. They were spawned by these pompous extremist professors! Load ’em up on the bus!!!

Let’s also put on the bus, every politician and every member of any organization who claims that it’s somehow racist and un-American to ask Americans to show proper identification when voting in this country considering you have to show proper identification to perform so many simple tasks already? Including, enrolling in Obamacare! Wouldn’t that be nice? To know that in your hearts one legal man or woman, one vote per legal American citizen because if you don’t think there’s voter fraud going on this country you’re very, very naïve!!!!!! 

And one other thing, if we could drill in this country we would pay less for gas… anywhere from a dollar to a dollar-fifty a gallon. If we cleaned up all this government waste and the stupid spending of our hard-earned tax dollars, you could live a better life. The government just spends and spends, it never stops. Indeed, the more they spend the more they take from you & me.  Just look around and think about it. We can keep going on like this and it will be just like the Internet bubble back in the 90s and the housing bubble back in the 2000’s. The tax system in America is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. It can only work for so long before it just collapses and implodes upon itself. (Watch out for the Obamacare bubble to burst. It’s coming!) Of course, there will be politicians who will lie to you and say “Now it’s okay it’s all okay. Let’s just spend a little more money. That should fix the problem”. But, don’t you dare believe it! Put them on that bus and send them up to Detroit too! ~dfh

 May God Bless Us All… & help us fill that bus to Detroit!kn122612dAPR20121224054514



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