The 9 Biggest Lies Obama Told During The SOTU Address

As a Baby Boomer, Veteran & Patriotic American~ I really cannot believe what’s actually happening in our country. The federal government is out of control and most Americans are at a loss as to what we, as Americans can do about it. It seems like our elected officials (99% of them) care more about being either politically correct, keeping their jobs no matter the cost, instead of listening to what their constituents want and acting accordingly. The higher up in the “political food chain” we look, the worse it gets. They all appear to just want to burn our Constitution & turn our country into “One Nation Under Socialism”.

Jersey Girl Today

1. Obama claims that “corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But… upward mobility has stalled.” This has been refuted most recently by Harvard Economics Professor Raj Chetty who recently released a paper showing that upward mobility in America hasn’t changed since the 1970’s.  This means that in the past 40+ years the chances of moving out of poverty in America have remained unchanged.

2. The President continued beating his ‘war on women’ drum last night, using his often cited statistic about women making only $.77 for every dollar a man makes in America.  The problem is this statistic is completely bogus.  It isn’t just conservatives who are saying this, even the staunch liberals at Slate say the President’s figures simply don’t add up.  After all, it’s just arithmetic.

3. While the President made a big show out of…

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