I served on active duty in the US Navy during both of Reagan’s terms & three years on either side of those eight years, however; those years with Ronald Reagan as Commander in Chief were amazing! We, the military~ were more than proud to serve HIM as well as our Country. Our morale was the highest since WWII and Reagan had our backs as well as the backs of every single American Citizen.  As an American AND Veteran, I am personally disgusted over what’s going on in America today and disgusted by our current absent (in name only) CIC. I can only feel so very sorry for our current active duty military forces, (who may never know how great a feeling it is to serve under an honorable & great CIC as my husband & I did) our veterans (of many years & wars) and the families of our fallen heroes. Our current president has thrown our military, our veterans and all Americans under his “campaign bus” as far as I’m concerned! President Obama is, in my opinion the laziest, worst & probably- the most despised commander in chief in the history of this country and its Armed Forces. Personally, he makes me sick! ~ dfh~

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