255156774_obama_the_dictator_1_12_2013_xlargeLast March (2014) I published an article here entitled, “Why is Barack Obama Like King George III of England“?  The comparison of the two was so interesting to me that I began making comparisons between Barrack Hussein Obama & Adolf Hitler.  Hitler’s “T-4 Program” is another comparison that I attribute to OBAMACARE and I published that opinion because I believe the Obama Administration and NOW the Veteran’s Administration are now finally in sync to murder any Americans whom the Federal Government believes are too old,  too conservative, too patriotic, too pro-American ~ thus too inconvenient to the radical, socialist agenda of liberal people who have either been indoctrinated into socialistic policies that reward the politicians in power & do NOTHING for the working class in general OR are hell-bent on destroying the very foundation and principles of the American Constitution, including but not limited to;  our Freedoms under the Bill of Rights. Free Speech, Religion & our Right to Bare Arms have all come under attack by the Socialist Liberals & Secularists currently running OUR government! ~ JGT

COMPARISON OF  OBAMA TO HITLER © by Dorian F. Howard 2014

The similarities are terrifying, the conclusion inevitable. On March 23, 1933, the German Parliament met to consider passing a bill that Adolf Hitler had created called the Enabling Act. It was officially called the ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.’ Why were the German people in such distress? Because their government was in utter chaos, and the German leaders wanted to reassure the people that everything would be okay. The only fly in the ointment was that the Nazis had, behind the scenes, caused the distress themselves by creating the crisis, so that they could step in and solve it.  Sound familiar? ~JGT

Hitler promised the German people that the government would “make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures. The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one.” So the German congress voted on the bill, with the end result being the legal destruction of the German Democratic Republic. The bill gave Hitler enormous, unprecedented powers to do as he saw fit for the government of the German people. It was the act that officially created a legal dictator who was answerable to no one. The people cheered, and National Socialism became the law of the land from that day forward. Today, Barack Obama is changing times and laws in America, giving himself unprecedented power never before seen. His Obama Care bill, now the law of the land; empowers him to create his own private army, forces citizens to abide by unconstitutional laws, and will use the IRS in much the same way that Hitler used his brown shirts * eventually the SS to make people get in line behind his policies. Many Americans will awaken from their “Obama Dreamy-Eyed Coma” too late to the fact that Obama has subverted the United States Constitution, and stolen our precious liberties and freedoms. That’s why Obama’s followers are encouraged and taught to follow and have faith in Obama the man, and not in our God or in our country. This is exactly the ploy that Hitler used to great and terrible effect in Nazi Germany.

Some people would balk at the comparison between Hitler and Obama, saying it was unfair. After all, Hitler started WWII and killed 11,000,000 Jews and Gentiles in death camps, and Obama has done nothing like that. Well, it’s only unfair if you compare Hitler at the end of his rule to the beginning of Obama’s. But if you compare Hitler and Obama at the beginning of their rise to power, it’s extremely fair. Both Hitler & Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums to excite and inflame people’s passions. Frequently, women would faint or break into tears. If that’s not enough, check out the following:

  Both Hitler and Obama wrote ghost-written autobiographies prior to the start of their run for political office. Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle), and Obama wrote ‘Dreams Of My Father’. Some doubt exists that Obama actually wrote his so-called autobiography believing instead that it may have been ghost-written by William (Bill) Charles Ayers, a former leader of the terrorist Weather Underground. A friend of Obama’s before he ran for POTUS. ~ Both Obama & Hitler then wrote a second book talking about their goals for German and America. Hitler wrote “A New World Order”, Obama wrote “The Audacity of Hope”. Yeah, pretty audacious! ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama originally had last names that were changed later in life. Hitler used to be Schickelbruber, and Obama’s last name was Soetoro. In other words, each used & uses an alias! ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identities. Hitler had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm. His ploy of “hiding in plain sight” worked very well. ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama’s supporters followed them blindly, and without question. They’re what’s known as Obama Zombies! ~ JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama used political power and coercion to conceal and hide their birth certificates from coming to public view. Hitler made his disappear, and Obama is unwilling and unable to produce his REAL long-form birth certificate. Call it whatever you want. There are too many discrepancies with Obama’s so-called Hawaiian birth registration to prove it’s authentic! ` JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a driving force to create an “army” of youth dedicated to their Ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth, and Obama his Obama Youth Brigade.The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany. Regardless of their name, the Dept. of Homeland Security graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth in Oct. 2012. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country. Scary~ huh? ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama were known for their tremendous oratorical skills. Albeit~ Obama uses a teleprompter. God forbid it fails to work! ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama received Messianic comparisons, and both men had songs of adoration written about them and for them. Do you remember the song~ “Barrack Hussein Obama ~ mmm, mmm, mmm”? ~JGT
  Like Hitler, Obama rules in direct disregard to the will and wishes of the people. The American People mean nothing to Obama! `~JGT
  Like Hitler, Obama has an obvious distaste for the Jews, and sides with the Muslims every chance he gets. Thus~ he ignores crimes against Christians & Jews all over the world! Typical of Islamic Radicals! ~JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama were able to mesmerize the people even when it was obvious that what they were saying was not true. Again~Obama Zombies! ~ JGT
  Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his Brown Shirts from his beer hall days, and Obama had people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and many other radical leftists including Rashid Khalidi & Reverend Jerimiah Wright. All long-time friends of the Obamas. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were former leaders of the 1960s’ Weather Underground, America’s first terrorist cult.  One of their bombing targets, as it happened, was the Pentagon. ~JGT
  Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control. From taxpayer funding of abortions in America and around the world, to the funding of the creating and destruction of human life in embryonic stem cell research with your tax money; from the absolute refusal to cut off public funding to Planned Parenthood to the stacking of the Supreme Court and federal courts with hardcore abortion advocates, pro-life groups say Obama has left every unborn child behind. Last year Planned Parenthood announced that Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history! ~ JGT

Earlier today, the entire nation heard the news that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (held by the Taliban for 5 years in Afghanistan) had been released because of a “back-room” deal made by POTUS Obama in exchange for 5 of the most deadly (battle-field )captured Terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. If Obama had not already sealed his fateful legacy as being the biggest Spender POTUS & biggest Cover-up POTUS & Laziest POTUS & most Scandal-Ridden POTUS & worst Foreign Policy POTUS & biggest Liar POTUS in the History of the United States~ then today he added Naivety, Cowardice, Stupidity,  Constitutional Law-Breaker & Traitorous Acts by Negotiating with Terrorists to his resume’ as in my opinion the “WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I am an American. I am a Patriot. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran & I am a Jersey Girl. And~ for the first time in my life~ I am ASHAMED of my Country today! ~JGT



  1. BRAVO…

    from one Jersey girl to another

    I too am ashamed of my Country
    And am having a difficult time trying to understand why Impeachment proceedings have not already begun

    Well written

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that our politicians are too afraid of being called racists. I mean, really~ Obama has gotten away with all kinds of crap both before & after his first inaugural. I really cannot think of a better reason for the cowardice exhibited by our elected officials other than they care more about keeping their jobs than the do their constituents and most especially, the American People. I say impeach the lying son of a bitch and the devil with the name-calling idiots! Sticks & Stones~ dfh


      1. Impeach

        And I do believe we’re getting there

        Even the Democrats are speaking out against Obama because it’s justified


    2. Look up that hitler had Jewish and African roots like Obama they even share in common African and Jew and Arab roots look it up on bing or google it has evidence there is a hundred articles on it about this geniticist that took samples of his surviving distant relatives and the results are startling it had a DNA of their saliva and it confirmed the Germans were fooled hurler passed as white he had some white in him like Obama but he was also Jewish and North African like the Berbers of east Africa mixed with the Lou’s of Kenya and morrocans and they are half black and Arab other articles say he might of Ben Irish or Arab as well like Obama and English scary they share things identically in common even African DNA and Jew are they distantly related scary have every one stick up for our freedoms even if he isn’t our president any more he could try something else or threaten the congress life to stay for life we can’t put nothing past this man or go to Europe and be a dictator there any thing could happen have everyone sign the petition to stop him he needs to be in prison or an institution


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