“Anonymous” just released something to help EVERYONE fight ISIS…

Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on November 19, 2015

AnonymousThere’s an interesting counter-terrorism movement afoot against ISIS. It’s not centrally organized. It belongs to no nation. It sheds no blood (as of yet). And you can join!

 As USA Today reports, the “hacktivist” group Anonymous has managed to shut down more than 6,000 Twitter accounts so far, and is also targeting other social media accounts and websites.

Now the group is ratcheting up its efforts by publishing an online guide for inexperienced hackers to help join the fight.

You can access one of the guides right here.

 I will admit to being a complete “noob” (newbie) where all of this is concerned, but am enjoying the swift response by Anonymous against ISIS (something our own leaders seem incapable of).

Here’s a snippet of the guide:

There is a system, made by a fellow anon, that has been deployed before. The system acts like a botnet to collect, coordinate, and take down targets. It is comprised of a “loader” that uploads the targets to a protected and secure command and control system. This system also discards duplicates, verifies targets as still active, and distributes them to the pool of active participants in real time. The c&c may then be used by “bots”that will perform certain actions. Many different types of bots may be constructed and used. For example, there are several forms of twittebots. One which simply files complaints with twitter (for those who want to help but notcmmit crimes). Other forms of bots will attempt to brute force targets, fileexcessive password resets, spam, etc. In other words, any form of attack that be conceived may be constructed and executed. This system coordinates all of the efforts so that they are all working together and sharing to ensure a highly effective fighting force. Its results are staggering. When people work together, they are unstoppable.

These bots are completely legal and violate no laws. However, you might consider creating a new twitter account. Thank you for your support. F**k isis.

After Anonymous announced its success yesterday, ISIS was quick to call the group “idiots” and has quickly posted its own online guide, which was immediately mocked by the hacker community as “some of the lamest and n00bish recommendations you’ll read and show the group’s lack of cyber skills.”

I have to admit “do not talk to people you don’t know” does sound pretty lame, even to my n00bish self (side note: when I was growing up, we called that type of person a “nebbish”)


Brother & Sister Americans~  this is truly the 21st century battlefield, and we are ALL in it whether we want to be or not. So, prepare yourselves to protect your family & friends. As a US Navy Veteran and supporter of ALL American Constitutional Rights, I wholeheartedly suggest that you be extremely vigilant at all times & if you don’t have one already… Buy A Gun! ~ JGT

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]




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