Time is Only A Matter of Minutes

Jersey Girl circa 1958

Jersey Girl circa 1958

For over thirty years I’ve helped my husband, Luke (usually in a boisterous panic and always at the last minute) to find his car keys, wallet or cell phone just before leaving for work. Unfortunately, many of these ‘fits’ happen at 4 AM when he’s leaving for a 12 hour shift! And then~ the entire household is awake as well! But fortunately for the rest of the household~ we can go back to bed and try to sleep for a few more hours!

Let me ask you if you have ever misplaced or forgotten where you left something very important? I have. In the early 1990’s I searched an entire parking lot for my 1985 Cadillac Eldorado which I thought I had merely forgotten where I had parked it. At the time~ I believed I was going crazy but as it turned out, it had been stolen and turned up stripped in a terrible neighborhood Newark, New Jersey a week later!

That aside; as I’ve grown older~ I realize that more & more of my own time seems to be spent looking for my reading glasses or house & car keys. Indeed, hunting for my reading glasses is usually my primary concern and alas~ a daily event! It’s bad enough that I have become dependent on them over the years but adding insult to injury by misplacing them has become a regular occurrence!

I’ll admit that I have found them on the floor on more than a few occasions with the ear pieces showing extreme evidence of dog gnawing & chewing. In those cases I usually blame one of our two dogs. One of them (I know very well it’s, Bella) must have jumped up on the chair & stolen them from either the table, ottoman or bed. Bad Girl!

But more often than not, after looking for at least 5 minutes, I’ll usually find them in the first place I looked or searched in the first place! I know I looked there. More than once. Sometimes twice. Am I becoming forgetful? Growing senile? I’m not really ‘old’~ am I? Maybe I can’t find my glasses because I can’t see what I’m looking for? Does that make sense to you?

 And that~ puts me in mind of an episode of the TV show, “The Twilight Zone” that I clearly do remember watching back in the day.

Here’s a Synopsis (courtesy Wikipedia) of  the Twilight Zone ‘s episode, “A Matter of Minutes” which was the third segment of the fifteenth episode from the first season (1985–86) of the television series The Twilight Zone.  Please let me know what you think? Who knows? It could be true? ~JGT©

A Matter of Minutes

Here’s the PLOT:  A young married couple, the Wrights, wake up one day to the sounds of construction. When they get a good look at the world around them, they find everything has stopped. A crew of blue-clad construction workers are busy removing their furniture and replacing it with new. The Wrights run outside to find things being rebuilt that have already existed. The workers set up a crash, and distribute litter in the streets. The Wrights start to go in the direction of the voice barking out orders to the workers until the voice tells them to chase the Wrights.

Confused and frightened, the couple run into a back alley and enter a void of white space. They discover a man in yellow, who helps them out of the void and explains to them he is the supervisor of the maintenance of time. They have somehow slipped into a loophole of time. While they should be in an earlier time, 9:33, for some reason they have hopped over into 11:37. Showing them exactly how time is maintained, he reveals to them a new understanding of how the universe works: every minute in history is essentially a separate world, which must be built, maintained, and torn down once the world finishes with it. The supervisor informs them that they cannot return for two reasons: one, they cannot reveal to anyone the true nature of time and two, the supervisor isn’t even certain they could return if they wanted to. The Wrights flee from the foreman and his crew, and try to find a way to slip back to their own time. They hide inside a theatre ticket booth waiting until their time, 11:37, rolls around and catches up with them. The foreman finds them but too late. A sudden loud noise and whoosh of wind and the Wrights suddenly come into their world again. Back in their own time, they find a “blue” wrench sitting on a public telephone, a souvenir as proof of their experience. (Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Matter_of_Minutes)

So~ Do you think I’m going crazy or do you think that it really is ALL~ just a matter of time that affects us all? ~JGT

Me & Luke Christmastime 198720110824163248723Hey look, Honey; I just found that pesky snow shovel out in the garage where you left it last year! Just in time for the weekend! Aren’t you glad you married me? Really? Well~ I love you too!



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  1. Dorian, it’s fine to misplace things. I always put my car keys, wallet, sunglasses, watch in the same place every time. I may not leave the house for 4 or more days. You’re fine.


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