Is It Progression or Regression? ~ You Decide

Did you know that after 50 people who read the same 28 page short story and that  it was a 50/50 split as to who remembered what?  Half the group (25) read a Kindle e-reader version of the story & the other half (25) read a paper copy of the same story. The results are mindboggling? The readers of the digital  version could not remember details, including characters or the plot of the story as well as the readers of the paper book copy could. However; those 25 people remembered details AND the plot of the short story.

Why is this important? I’ll tell you, why this IS important!

The digital version (Kindle) does not provide as much mental reconstruction of the short story as well as the paper version because  when we human beings use our ‘sense of touch’ as we do when turning paper pages, the left side of a book keeps growing as we read on in anticipation of discovery as well as in anticipation of completing the book.~JGT


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