Someone I once knew used to always say, “If I didn’t have bad luck~ I wouldn’t have luck at all!”.

Well~ that’s almost the way I felt yesterday morning, even though I’d hoped~ several weeks earlier, that the 24th would at least be a pretty-good day (all things considered). So, what happened? My doctor’s office had scheduled me to undergo a battery of tests at the hospital yesterday morning at 10 AM. And so it was, the fasting & no water orders from midnight the previous evening.

I tossed & turned all night and when I woke up at 5:30 in the morning with cotton-mouth and a rumbling stomach, I felt absolutely miserable! If that didn’t beat all, my husband greeted me with a cheerful, “Good Morning, Hap..” I cut him off mid-sentence & snapped back, “What’s so good about it!?” (Poor guy. Too bad. He should know me better after over 31 years!)

Regardless of the fact that I couldn’t even have my customary one & only cup of coffee of the day, I managed, albeit reluctantly~ to keep my appointment with the doctor at the hospital. Irritated, I was in rare form yesterday morning and even managed to ask my doctor why he grew a beard and insult him by telling him he looked like a Terrorist! (Obviously, this was not a great idea, but what the hell!)

Indeed, just before drifting off to sleep, I remember mumbling something like, “Don’t shave my hair off while I’m sleeping. I had a haircut on Tuesday!”, or words to that effect. Thankfully, I eventually woke up with all my hair intact and an hour later was allowed to have some apple juice & crackers. My doctor gave me a thumbs up, but reminded me that he’d be in touch after my MRI scheduled for this coming Monday. Oh, and by the way, he said, “No driving & NO Alcohol for the next few days!”.


On the way home, I pointed out the White Castle on Route 9 in Freehold and demanded my husband, Luke to  pull in there! It was the one thing that had happened that day thus far that I had been in control of! “I ordered two Murder-Burgers and some Fatal Fries”! They were absolutely delicious!

A HEARTFELT THANK-YOU TO ALL MY FAMILY & FRIENDS for Your Happy Birthday Wishes. Yesterday (June 24, 2016) was the 33rd anniversary of my 29th Birthday! Your greetings & wishes ALL made my day because at the end of the day~ it was the brightest part of the day! Thanks again & God Bless You ALL!


My brother Ross & me circa 1956

Port Authority NY with Ross circa 1979

Lest I forget~ Happy birthday to my brother, Ross… thankfully exactly TWO years older than me! Ha-Ha!

D.F. Howard ©June 2016

Postscript: Next year, GOD Willing~ I’m spending my Birthday in Las Vegas! ~ Hopefully & GOD Willing! ~ JGT



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